The Modern Women's Pregnancy Guide for Being a Fit, Confidante and Happy Mom

Learn how to stay active and healthy during your pregnancy and become a future milf in as a little as 15 minutes a day!

You could prepare your body for the demands of labor...

You could managing your pregnancy weight gain and body aches...

You could improve your baby's long term health and brain development...

Time was no longer standing in the way between you and your goals...

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Does any of this sounds familiar?

You wish to save your current beloved body shape during and after pregnancy

You feel that no one could understand. You feel like pregnancy is a celebration of excitement and love but also full of uncertainty in which you don’t have control of your body. 

You feel frustrated and stuck by the lack of time you have to workout and reach your weight loss and fitness goals?

No matter how hard you try, you never seem to have enough time for yourself, let alone your workouts.

You want to be healthy and energized for your kids

When you become a mother, your time becomes consumed with tending to another human being’s needs. But you must not forget yourself, after all happy a mom means a happy baby. 

No matter what you do, you can't seem to stick to a workout routine and lose the baby fat

You want some time for yourself but you feel guilty or selfish for taking time away from others.

You want to look sexy again and get that look from your husband

It is important for you to keep your relationship hot during pregnancy and after the baby arrived. Becoming a mom does crazy things to your body and mind, but your are determined to fight back, you just don’t know how…

You wish to get a "fit mom respect" from others and be confidante again

Say it, you want to be a Milf!

If any of these sound familiar, MilfIt is for you!

In a world of high stress, fake news, information overload and lack of time, the need for a useful and effective pregnancy guide has never been greater.

Written by a professional midwife with over 20 years of experience, the guide combines everything a future Milf needs: custom workouts for each trimester, full nutrition plan and cookbook, trimesters checklists and tips for making your pregnancy easier, calm and full of fun and chic.  

It will help you reshape your body faster during and after pregnancy without strict time commitments or unrealistic diets.

I know how confusing, chaotic and stressful that period in your life can get! But you can still find time for yourself to workout and achieve your ideal health and confidence as a mom!

The full pregnancy program for the future fit & happy mom includes: 

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My Story

Hey beautiful, I’m Shavit.

As a wife of a fitness & healthy lifestyle coach and as a midwife’s daughter, deciding to get in pregnant was a big deal for me.

It might sound a little strange, but the truth is that I was freaked out to lose the body I’ve put so much hard work into and was afraid I couldn’t get it back again (and won’t be able to express myself through my fashionable choices).

I decided to search online (mainly in my different due date FB groups) and figured out I’m not alone.

A lot of expecting women, in different pregnancy trimesters or even before getting pregnant, asked the same question and were interested in this issue.

Needless to say, as I followed the love of my life and created “MilfIt” a program for the future and current milfs 🙂

It includes all the tips and insights from my mom (who is a professional midwife) that gave me THE perfect guidance and support during my pregnancy which helped me to keep my body strong and healthy.

I’ve done the work for you and collected all the essential and unspoken little things you have to know about while being in pregnant.

I’ll also want you to be aware of all the pregnancy myths spreading out there, causing false beliefs and unnecessary stress.

Every mom has a passion outside of mommyhood. Besides health and fitness, style and design have always been mine.

So as expected, I was obsessed about it also during my pregnancy: finding the most stylish pregnancy clothes, different newborn accessories and of course designing the cutest ever baby room (don’t worry, I’m sharing it all with you on MilfIt).

The MilfIt plan is terrific for any woman out there regardless of being a mom or not. 

We have hundreds of ladies who followed the MilfIt guides and saw results within the first 12 weeks by learning how to burn fat in minimum time.

The goal of MilfIt is to help motivate, educate, inspire, and empower pregnant women, moms and every woman out there by sharing insights and recommendations from my journey through juggling health, fitness, motherhood, and stylish life.

So let’s go gorgeous! 🙂

“When I first heard about MilfIt I was still freaked out of the fact that I’m pregnant. I knew nothing at all and was very nervous and worried that I will harm my baby, so I’ve barely gone out of my house during my first month… After reading the three guides, I felt like kind of superhero mom! I knew I could do it and felt very confident about myself. Thank you Sherry, for creating this amazing guides for women like me and made me ready and relaxed during this sensitive time.” 

-Lisa E.

“For years, I was one of those women who blame their busy schedule for being overweight and unhealthy. MilfIt gave me the perfect solution for this horrible tiredness cycle. It made me realize that the only way for me to be the mom and wife I wish to be is to take control of my life, lose weight, and be confident again. Sherry you are awesome, for creating this life-changing strategy and teach me how to keep pushing (and not only during in labor:)” 

– Emma B.

“I am 42 now, and it has been quite long since my last labor… My friend (who is also a mother for three and I couldn’t help to admire her fit shape and stylish look) recommended me about MilfIt. What I love about it is that it teaches me how to exercises without spending too much time. I tried a lot of programs before, but couldn’t stick with working out and eating well for long. MilfIt does it in such a fun, chic, and stylish way that made me so excited and the next workout or the next recipe I will try.” 

– Stephanie R.

NOPE! I believe everyone should have access to the resources, support and accountability needed to be healthy and succeed in their weight loss goals! So once you’ve purchased the guides they and the bonuses are yours forever 🙂 

It has worked for me, and for hundreds of other women around the world…so, YES, it will work for you! 

Most plans are too complex for a busy mom to implement without being a professional chef or a bodybuilder… MilfIt guides and checklists are easy to follow and as personalised as possible; all you have to do is to read them. 

While all the exercises in this program are safe for pregnancy, I highly recommend consulting with your doctor before beginning ANY workout routine.

Yes, indeed! Although cravings during pregnancy are totally normal, I’m going to share with you my best mindset tricks that will help you control your eating and monitor your weight gain.

The most important thing to consider after having a baby is making sure your core and pelvic floor are strong enough for the exercises. Like I said before, you MUST get your doctor’s approval before you’ll start working out.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money testing and editing the checklists to ensure their effectiveness with different people. With 100% certainty, you can start anytime and get your lifelong weight loss results.

Because I’ve been where you are and I know exactly how it feels. I have been in your shoes and have figured it all out. Since then, I have dedicated my life to helping women who are in the same discouraging and confused place where I was.

No problem at all. You will get your money back to the last cent. I always offer my clients a 100% money-back guarantee because I don’t want money to be a barrier between you and your healthy life. 

Get started now!

It is cheaper than a personal trainer...

It is cheaper than a mindset coach or a mentor...

It is cheaper than a doula...

It is cheaper than a psychologist...

It is cheaper than a baby sleep coach...

Not to mention our excellent bonuses that will provide you an interior design service, nutrition guidance, personal styling and save you lots of money on unnecessary & expensive labor and baby items

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