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Would You Like to Lose 20-40% Off Your Weight, While Still Eating Donuts?

Then read on…

Dear Friend,

If you have struggled to lose weight, You tried countless of diets, You swallowed dozens of pills, You tried many coaches and different programs and still have this excess fat on you…

This 3 min read will Change Your Life !

and here’s why…

Imagine yourself in this awful situation that made the 180-degree shift in my life:

I’m sitting down in my living room with my beautiful little daughter and while she was climbing over me, she grabbed my fat and said: “Dad why are you so squishy?”

Those 6 little words made me wanna crawl under a rock rollover and die. I didn’t know how to respond, but surely because of her, I look the way I am now. She changed my life and made me help hundreds of weight loss strugglers like you & me.

Now, imagine yourself in 22 days, like you never seen before…

Getting into the office, all of your co-workers heads getting turned to you in amazement, envy and desire to do what you have achieved. Claim the respect and opportunities you deserve!

Let’s face it — looking fit and healthy opens a lot of doors in our culture these days right?

I mean, look at this simple fact 

76% of the “1%” workout regularly vs 17% of the rest of the population


and Sir Richard Branson, Investor & Philanthropist said:

I Definitely can Achieve Twice as Much By Keeping Fit

What you will discover in my program:

  •  Super fat burner tools that will make your fat burn for you (Get this wrong and you fail 100/100 times)
  •  How to claim the respect and opportunities you deserve, as looking healthy simply opens a lot of doors.
  •  Be the idol for admiration from your family, co-workers, and neighbors
  •  Stand against all those doctors and medical & insurance companies for stealing your hard earned money.
  •  Be there for your family & loved ones.
  •  And so much more…

Success Stories

"It simply works! Just follow all the steps with a solid low calorie program, eat your vegetables and you WILL see the results. I lost 17 pounds at the first 20 days!!! Excellent product!! "
Dana Wits
17 pounds in 25 days
“ I have tried many diets and programs! wasted at minimum 1K$ on products & pills. But this simple change in mindset and the clear "how to" guidlines made the difference! Thanks Cliff :)"
Arik Belo
35 pounds in 6 weeks
" I was skeptical, as I have tried many other "magic" products. But I'm only 2 weeks in and I look 10 times better. Thanks Cliff!"
Shelly Snow
12 pounds in 15 days
“The personal touch from Cliff was what made the difference, ha made sure to follow up with me and i simply didn't want to disappoint him. Writing down your results is a crucial key for your success"
Carmela Sab
21 pounds in 30 days

Is it Worth it?

Being overweight costs you a lot of money!

Think about it, you may save a few dollars after buying a burger or something. But what about the hidden money you are losing?!

You as an overweight person has less energy to create new opportunities, you are less productive at work, so just imagine having another full day of work per week?!

…That’s another 20% of your salary every year!!

What about medical costs? Sick days? They all come down to hard cold cash!

Surveys show that on average, an overweight person will spend 67% more on medical costs than a healthy person.

Let’s break it down to simple numbers:

Average salary (40K) * 20% * next 30 years  = 240K !!
savings on medical bills = 10K 

versus my program => 47$      

So let’s get back to your 3 options you have now:

Do nothing, you leave this page, continue with your ordinary life, ordinary problems that will probably only grow bigger and bigger, and stay in the same low spot you are now about your weight.

Do it by yourself, You don’t need my help, that’s ok. Go learn all the material needed for a better life, waste countless of hours sitting down and browsing the internet for tasty sculpting recipes and simple fat burning exercises. I assure you this part is not fun at all (I know). The books I purchased and time invested could be easily summed to thousands of dollars

Join me and hundreds of happy successful friends that made a change in their lives. They keep on spreading the word and helping others have the same results. This is contagious! Imagine the new you in 22 days, I’m super excited to see the change you will have.

Risk Free

I’m so sure you will benefit from my products, that I’m giving you 60-day money back guarantee no questions asked.

If you really want to, you can simply ask for a refund and leave all the books for yourself. I trust you that you won’t try to rip me off.

I always try to give back to charity so I always do my best to keep my tight family of customers happy and fulfilled so I could keep on the donations with no refunds.

Worst case scenario, you got an amazing set of books for free that will help you save your life and become the “you” of your dreams.

What Do You Get

22 Day Transformation Main Tool Book – 97$ Value

  • The main “How To Guide” for burning away those pesky fats that were successfully used by hundreds of men & women like you.
  • Take advantage of my secret “done for you” tools to increase your body metabolism, and lose weight like a Marathon athlete.
  • Imagine waking up in a week from now, already feeling lighter & leaner all of that by still enjoying life and not killing yourself with counting calories.

Bedtime Fat Burner – 47$ Value

  • Burn fat while you sleep, take advantage of this unused time to enhance your weight loss and body.
  • Make your friends & family proud in the new you by simply going to sleep the right way.
  • Enjoy the benefits of sleeping like the pros, and take advantage of your body doing the work for you.

Healthy Morning Ritual – 47$ Value

  • Be like the top 1% and let me build for you a fat burning, life-changing morning routine.
  • Make your mind work for you and automate your new SuperHuman body and mind.
  • Enjoy the extra time and energy you have to be with your loved ones and doing the things you love.

How To Store Your Vegetables & Fruits – 27$ Value

  • Enjoy the hundreds of $ you save per year, to hang out with your family or just buy a new iPad 🙂
  • Enjoy super tasty food while sitting on back on your comfy couch at home without the need to rush over to the supermarket for new supplies.
  • Get back at those huge companies that stole our money on bad food

One on One Consulting – 250$ Value

  • I’m 110% obligated to your success, this is why I want to make sure you are making the best of my program.
  • You get my personal email for any questions you will have.
  • I did that over the phone in the past, but I want to give each one of my beloved customers the proper response so I can do that by email only 🙂

You get this huge value in only 47$!​

You can enjoy this life changing material from the comfort of your home. You could take it with you on the go on your mobile, or even print it. What ever makes you more comfortable.

All the material is with secured pdf files for your discreet views only. This material in the market can reach to thousands of $ in value.

I'm In, What Now?

So are you ready to fit into those old skinny jeans?
Are you ready to get respected as you deserve?
Are you ready to lose those extra pounds?

Click on the “Claim My Copy” button below, fill out the form with your details and click the submit button. After that, you will get all the material emailed directly to your inbox for easy access from the comfort of your home, office or where you go.

The secret content will be delivered in few minutes after you claim your own copy.

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The "New You" is Waiting!

I’m running this price for a limited time, as we can’t simply handle the huge load in our groups. I’m sure the price will jump and I don’t want you to miss it after you got this far.

“You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.”
– Benjamin Franklin

“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday”
– Napoleon Hill


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This is your chance to take your life by the horns and claim the life you deserve.

The time is nowLife is waiting for nobody.

Will you go for it?

Will you take action?

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We have 100% success with all our amazing clients who stayed on the course with us.

You can get 60-day money back guarantee No Questions Asked. Worst case scenario you got a huge selection of books for FREE. Just please don’t rip me off, if you enjoy my material.

We use all the top of the art security needed for super secured transactions. We work with the huge online content provider “ClickBank” that handles thousands of transactions per day.

I was in the same spot as you are right now. I already did the life-changing journey you are about to start so I know a thing or two about the struggles that happen along the way. I helped thousands of other clients who are now like family to me to reach their goals and have their deserved life in order. And again, you can always get your money back and leave the amazing content as a present from me.