You Are Fat Because You Have Bad Genes!

I am sorry but stop wasting your time and money on diets, workouts pills, and supplements. It won’t help you.

You were born with fat person genes, and you can’t fight it. Just quit now and go back watching Netflix and eating ice cream.

I hope you got to this paragraph and you didn’t quit because all of the above is horse shi#!

There is no such thing as “fat” genes. You do have different body structures and tend to gain more fat (or muscle), but it doesn’t mean you are stuck!

I know you probably feel that you have tried everything. You may have some success, but after some time you just bounced back to your old weight. That’s ok; it’s hard to change your habits and beliefs.

Weight loss is not just cutting down on calories and working out. It may help in the short term but its hard to stick to this demanding life routine without genuinely getting into it.

In the fitness and weight loss world, there are soooo many false beliefs and ideas that are so ingrained in people and trainers!

Some examples:

If you want to lose weight, so eat every two hours. What the hell? How correctly eating every two hours will help me lose weight??

Researches show that the difference between calories with “normal” meals and the “every two hours” routine are not that different and eating every two hours may have the upside in calories count.

All calories are the same, 2000 calories of jerky is the same as 2000 calories of lettuce. Think about it for a few seconds… 

Would an airplane operate the same with 1 ton of Jet fuel versus 1 ton of regular car fuel? Of course not, so our body will act the same.

The body uses the nutrition you give it for building up your body. If you get only useless empty sugars, it will just transform them to fat. If you provide it with fiber, protein fat and good carbs, it will thrive.

There is so much more into this fantastic world of becoming healthy, but I wanted to write down this quick post after a comment I saw on social, and I had to get something down on “paper” 🙂

If you are looking to have a change in your life and want to stop believing all the bullshi# people are selling you!

Just join my list in the form somewhere here on the page 🙂

And let’s keep in touch!

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