Why You Should Stop Counting Calories?

counting calories

I always admire the people who have the perseverance to count their calories on every day. The fact that I should start typing on calculators what I ate and making sure I’m not over some limit seems daunting for me.

But why is “counting calories” is not really relevant and will not help you in the long term. I assume you count calories because you have some kind of a daily limit, probably a low limit (ie: calorie restriction).

This will surely help you lose weight for the short term but in most cases, you will hit a plateau and/or bounce back to your original weight or more.

Our bodies are amazing machines and they easily adapt to whatever we throw at it. If your body will notice it gets less “fuel” each day it will adapt and start doing these action:

  • reduce your metabolism rate (the body wants to burn fuel slower)
  • you will feel cold (less energy wasted for heating itself)
  • you feel tired (body saves energy for more essential services)
  • the immune system is weaker
  • and much more

Think about your body as a factory. The factory gets 2000 tons of coal to produce electricity for the city. Now, let’s reduce the daily coal supply to 1000 tons per day. What will happen to the factory electricity supply?

If the factory will continue at the same rate of 2000/day that means it will have a daily deficient of 1000, so it will start eating up it reserves until the factory will break down.

But as a well-managed factory should do, it would adapt it services for the amount of supply it gets. So instead of 2000 tons per day, it will use 1000 tons per day but it will produce less electricity for the city.

So instead of having electricity all day long, the city will have it part-time.

Same with our bodies, it will provide fewer services but will still function.

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