Why Your Look is Everything

Our society is very much ruled by beauty and attractiveness. Just look around and notice how clothes, makeup, films, advertisements, social media is focused on one thing–ATTRACTION. Beauty has become the universal currency for recognition, appreciation, love, and success.

1. Unconscious prejudice on attractiveness

Unconsciously, attraction has an influence our likes and dislikes, preferences and decisions. This is called a beauty bias. Few people realize or pay attention to the fact that beauty can affect how you treat others and others treat you.

There’s this thing called “Halo Effect”, wherein people make positive assumptions about your character, personality, or interests based purely on how you look. People unconsciously associate attractiveness with status, intelligence, and power.

2. Attractive people make more money

There are many studies that show a correlation between increased salary and how attractive a person is. This is called the “Beauty Premium”. It is found that the beauty premium exists in jobs that require face-to-face and interpersonal interaction like jobs in sales or real estate. 

So why does the difference in pay exist? Attractive people are more confident which translates to better job performance. This is the reason why they are given more responsibilities in the workplace, therefore increasing their pay.

3. Higher hiring rate for more attractive people

Attractive people don’t just succeed in their careers. They are also more likely to be hired. While hiring managers deny that their decisions are affected by how a person looks, there are studies that show that beauty has a significant impact on hiring rate. This is because hiring managers unconsciously make decisions based on their preferences. They don’t even realize it.

It has also been shown that attractiveness is included in the top three traits and characteristics of hireable people.

4. Popularity

Attractiveness and popularity go hand in hand. One excellent example is the hierarchy of the average high school. The best-looking kids received a lot more attention both from fellow students and the faculty. Attractive people almost always sit on top of the social food chain.

5. Attractive people persuade better

One of the advantages of attractiveness is persuasion. Beauty affects a person’s ability to persuade others more easily. This is because of the halo effect as well. People unconsciously associate positive attributes like trustworthiness and reliability to people they find attractive, which makes them more willing to listen and believe what is being said to them.

An example is that when companies hire people whose jobs require customer interaction. They tend to hire more attractive people because this takes advantage of the fact that beauty equals better customer relationships.

Are attractive people also more persuasive in their daily lives? The answer is yes. While this doesn’t mean that attractive people can make other people do what they want, it encourages other people to listen and believe more.

6. Confidence

After years of being treated with more attention, preference, and trust, attractive people develop confidence and self-assurance more than not-so-attractive counterparts. This leads to better careers, relationships, and overall happier lives.

This is why many people are willing to risk invasive surgeries and pay thousands of dollars just to look better. While it’s not the best way to build self-esteem, in our society we most often look to the approval of others. Outside motivation becomes a powerful internal sense of assurance.

7. Attractive people have unique opportunities

Athletes, politicians, actors and actresses, music artists, and fashion models have one thing in common. They are all attractive to some degree. The most unique, lucrative, and exciting careers are most often reserved for those who are good-looking.

Why? It’s because they thrive on a publicised image. They use this image to appeal to the masses. Attractiveness is used as a tool to make people buy clothes and makeup, listen to songs, earn votes, or watch movies.

Have you noticed that people who aren’t so attractive are usually put in specific niches like comedy or cast as villains?

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