Who will lose more fat while sleeping?

With all the different diets, pills, trends and techniques to lose weight, the solution to this question plays a major key in helping you lose more fat while doing nothing (sleeping or just watching tv).

So who do you think will burn more calories while sitting in the office? Or watching TV? Or sleeping…

Is that the one with weighs 200 pounds with a lot of extra fat OR The guy that weights 200 pounds and is lean and muscular
Well, you probably already answered it by yourself…

The muscular guy will burn calories while resting. Even if he didn’t work out previously. That is simply because the muscles require more calories from fat to take care of themselves. Don’t catch me on these numbers as they are just for this example. But let’s say one pound of fat will use one calorie per hour so one pound of muscle will use two calories per hour.

That is why I always keep preaching for my tribe that they need to focus on strength training if they want to lose fat.

Cardio training is great, it has a lot of benefits for your health and I will always tell everyone to do it. But if we compare a cardio workout and resistance training its quite similar to the phrase:

“Give a person a fish, you will feed him once. Teach a person to fish, you will feed him for life”

So same thing here… When you do cardio you will lose 300-600 calories. But when you are doing resistance training, in the long run you will lose much more. Initially, in the workout itself, you will lose about only 200 calories. But from now your new muscles will burn every day 20 more calories. Meaning that in the next month you will lose 20 calories per day for 30 days equals 600 calories.

So in the bottom line, the calories calculation is:

Cardio: 600

Resistance: 800 (200 in the workout and 600 more in the next month).  

Now when you continue building your muscle, think about how many calories you will lose by simply doing NOTHING…

Again don’t mind the numbers as they are not exact and made up but the idea is what important here.

Of course, adding cardio will be a great addition to your life and your weight loss journey, but as a starting point, I will recommend focussing on your nutrition and resistance training.

Good luck! 

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