Weight Watchers Diet Review

If you are wondering if you should start the “Weight Watchers” diet you came to the right place.
I am all in favor of any program that will help people achieve their success.

There are so many different diets out there and it seems like all of them have some remarkable success stories. The problem is what happens after you lost those extra 20, 30, 40 lbs?

Are you in the right track of living a “normal” life and not being on a life long diet? Do you see yourself counting calories/points/stars etc on a daily basis each time you eat?

If you are not an accountant so I assume it will be an annoyance after some time. All my successful clients that tired those counting diets told me that.

Weight Watchers Explained

How does it work exactly? you get an individual “points” count for your daily usage. Those points are calculated by your own goals, height, weight etc.

What do you do with those points? So you are suppose to eat each day up to your daily points allowance and make sure you keep track of them.

For example, a big tasty donut with tasty dark chocolate with sprinkles could be 10 points. But vegetables are Zero points.

So as you can see you can devour as much veggies as you want, but you will get you daily points diminished quite quickly with donuts.

Weight Watchers Pros and Cons


  • You have a framework to work on
  • Easily identify which foods are better to eat then others
  • Have daily goals


  • You need to track everything you eat
  • You can still eat bad foods on a daily basis
  • Stuck to the WW rules instead of knowing what is good
  • Again, daily tracking is the biggest pain
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