Top 10 Gym No-No’s you probably saw

The gym is the place to be if we want to better ourselves. There, we de-stress, socialize, and best of all, get healthier and more fit. Since it’s a place with various equipment, where different styles of training are implemented, and where people of different backgrounds and characters gather, there’s plenty of room for blunders. Absence of gym etiquette can result in injury, conflict, and may discourage some people to continue on their fitness journeys, which is already challenging in the first place. Here the top 10 gym no-no’s so we all can be in this haven safely and harmoniously.

1. Don't ignore gym rules and regulations

Each gym has their own set of rules. Familiarize yourself with them and obey them. They are there for reason. It keeps day to day gym operation smooth, organized, and pleasant.

2. Don’t leave weights, dumbbells, or any other equipment and accessories untracked, disheveled, and out of place

Return everything to where they’re supposed to be. Treat your gym like your second home because for most of us, it is. Keeping the place neat and organized makes working out enjoyable for everybody.

3. Don’t forget to wipe off your sweat

Most gyms have spray bottles with sanitizer that you can use to clean the equipment. Use paper towels or bring your own towel. One who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases. Don’t be gross.

4. Speaking of diseases, don’t go to the gym when you’re sick!

If you want to work out, do it at home until you’re well. Bacteria and virus can easily spread on equipment, infecting other people. Be respectful to others and don’t spread the sniffles.

5. Don’t go the gym dirty and stinky

Same as the two points above, be respectful of others. Being sweaty at the gym is   different from going there with poor personal hygiene. Body odor is offensive to everybody.

6. Don’t spend too much time on your phone in between sets

Respect other people’s time, don’t keep equipment and accessories to yourself longer than necessary. This is especially important during the busiest hours in the gym.

7. Don’t give unsolicited advice and don’t intimidate others

Help out someone in need but don’t give advice to someone who didn’t ask for it. Don’t act like you’re better that anyone and don’t make fun of others. Respect space and privacy. If you see somebody exercising incorrectly or with poor form, inform one of the personal trainers that work there. It’s their job to keep the gym safe and to make sure no one hurts themselves, not yours.

8. Don’t do cardio only

A well-rounded program is important especially if your goal is to lose weight, and look lean and toned. Hours and hours of doing only cardio will make you burn your muscles off. Muscles are needed to rev up the metabolism—which will help you lose fat— so start picking up the weights too.

9. Training hard but not watching nutrition

Don’t neglect eating right just because you hit the gym hard 6x a week. You can never out-train a bad diet. Being healthy on the inside is just as important as looking great on the outside.

10. Don’t train with improper form

Safety is the number one priority. Improper form can cause injuries! If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, ask a trainer. Or if you need a spotter while lifting weights, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re there to make yourself better, not hurt yourself.

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