Throw Away Your Scale, And Buy a Belt

We’ve all been there. Follow a healthy eating plan for months, start to feel good and look great. Even the workouts in the gym have been total beast mode. But then, like thousands of women and men, you woke up into your morning ritual and stand on a scale, and…nothing changed (or even worst, you’ve actually gained weight).

The horror! your mood instantly goes from excitement to deep disappointment and you are starting to doubt the effectiveness of the healthy choices you’ve sticking with all that time.

In our modern culture, we often see the idea of weight gain as “the worst thing in the world” as we attached a moral value to weight loss and weight gain. The “mind-blowing” truth is that losing weight/gaining weight doesn’t make you “good” or “bad” person no matter what the diet industry keeps telling you.

The scenario described above happened to me too many times during my weight loss journey and every one of my customers told me it happened to them as well while they tried to lose weight before. So I have come up with some great reasons why everyone should just throw away their scales stop weighing themselves, and buy a belt instead!

1. You Are Not Defined by a Number.

This phrase became popular among FB and IG fitness pages but that means it’s not true. The way you look and feel is much more important than the number appears on the scale. If you are healthy, feel and look good don’t put too much stock in what the scale is telling you.

2. You actually don't have much control over your weight (long-term).

Research shows that while our attempts to control our weight through dieting may work in the short-term, ultimately they will fail. Therefore, almost all people who chronically diet will “fall off the wagon” and proceed to regain the weight that they lost.

3. You are allowing a piece of metal to dictate how you feel about yourself.

The action of stepping on a scale is upsetting for a variety of reasons.
When you allow your self-esteem and self-worth to rest on something external you’re boarding a sinking ship.

4. Your dimensions speak for themselves.

While losing weight you will probably exercise a lot and hard. That will increase your muscles and you will gain mass. That will cause you to lose FAT weight and replace it with MUSCLES weight. Your body will look fit and tight so your dimensions will decrease while your total weight won’t change (and in some cases, it may be higher- it depends how much lifting you will do 🙂 By monitoring your dimensions you will get much accurate picture about your weight loss.

5. Bonus Reason just for Females: Hormones.

Hormones play a big role in women’s weight while causing their weight to constantly change. Studies have shown that women tend to retain fluids at the start of their menstrual cycle while some women even retaining fluids the days leading up the cycle. So if you are close to that time in the mouth stay away from the scale might be a smart step.

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