Testosterone, Its Importance To Gain Strength And Muscle Mass

Increasing the strength and muscle mass is one of the motivations of many athletes who go with some frequency to the gym, but we must also remember that it should be a goal for all athletes because many do not know, it is an excellent tool for improvement.

In the form of this week, we will give you tips to gain strength and muscle mass, and we will explain how testosterone is an essential hormone to achieve these goals. We will give you guidelines on how to maintain testosterone levels in an optimal state to gain strength and muscle mass.


Hormones play a critical role to gain strength and muscle mass paper. The endocrine system exerts control on the synthesis and degradation of proteins that occurs in the musculature. Thus, hormones intervene as regulatory factors for the synthesis of muscle proteins. Therefore, maintaining correct levels of testosterone is essential to gain strength and muscle mass.

To have optimal levels of testosterone we must maintain correct nutrition, for that we should take natural boosts of the hormonal system and realize the correct training in which we have to take into account basically the intensity, the rest time between series (one minute), correct execution technique, make a broad tour, you must take into account the negative phase that has to last at least 4 seconds, …


Likewise, it is also important to carry correct sports nutrition in which we take into account the effect of some carbohydrates that taken in excess can influence the sensitivity to insulin. To do this, we have to control the consumption of sugars, take carbohydrates of medium or low glycemic index such as whole grains, some fruits, … and reduce foods that carry many sugars such as industrial pastries, refined flour pastes, juices, sugary drinks, …

It is important not to have low-fat diets for a long time because they hinder the formation of hormones such as testosterone, so we have to take quality foods that come from vegetable origin, nuts, and whole grains. Also, it is crucial to take nutrients rich in nutrients that help support recovery and hormone levels such as vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, and protein.


There are many nutrients and plant extracts that can help us naturally improve hormone levels, some of these nutrients are zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, plants such as Tribulus Terrestris, Crisina,

This type of natural supplements do not contain hormones and can never increase testosterone above our natural levels because our body already has mechanisms of hormonal regulation that does not happen. The TBoost is a natural supplement used for many years with great effectiveness to improve the recovery of hormone levels through its nutrients: Tribulus Terrestris, Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Zinc. Take four capsules a day with water.

Other basic supplements that can help us improve muscle mass and strength are the Creaplus with BetaPower and Whey Pro, this is a highly effective and strong combination of the nutrients that accompany creatine in the Creaplus formula.

Creaplus is creatine monohydrate and is considered as the best supplement in the market to increase performance and to increase strength and power. The Creaplus is recommended by the CAR Sant Cugat and its effectiveness based on a formula of high purity and high bioavailability, with an ERA, well above any supplement creatine alone. Take three dispensers after training or loading according to the label.

The BetaPower is a synergistic supplement that will give us the Creaplus Beta Alanine of the highest purity and vitamin B6, a non – essential amino acid found in some protein foods. This supplement helps us to delay the onset of fatigue, helps us to gain fat-free muscle mass and improves post-exercise recovery. Take two capsules four times a day with a carbohydrate source of food. One of the shots is advisable just before the exercise.

To improve the strength and power it is important to provide our body with 5 intakes of proteins throughout the day. At mid-morning and mid-afternoon, these are the times when it is harder for us to have protein by hand, a good WheyPro or IsoWhey 100 shake will help us meet our protein needs. A dose at mid-morning and another dispenser at mid-afternoon with 300 ml of water.

Please remember that those supplements are NOT supposed to replace proper and healthy nutrition that will give you everything your body needs. If you feel like you need extra support, you can consider taking one of those but always read the ingredients and the possible side effects.

To learn more about this topic, make sure to visit: Testosteronerd. 

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