Secret Side Effects Told by Ex-Obese People

“When I will drop these 57 pounds, my life will be amazing and all my troubles will disappear!”…Sound familiar? Who thought that when starting a diet, right? 
Well, the truth is that your life aspect will improve dramatically but there are some side effects you should be aware of as well.

1. Your tastes change

When cutting down the meals portions, your taste buds might become less sensitive. This explains why obese people tend to focus on eating more until they can get satisfaction from their meal rather than focusing on flavor or quality. Stanford University’s chief of bariatric surgery, John Morton, conducted a research in which he founds that people who lose weight reported on a dramatic decline in craving for salty foods.

2. It takes a while to adjust

Now that you’ve dropped weight, have more energy, and overhaul your wardrobe, you would think your reflection would spark joy. A lot of prior fat people say that even after losing those extra pounds they still feel and behave like an obese. One of them is Nicole Zernone, 42, who lost over 80 pounds, “When I look in the mirror, I still see a fat girl. Even though I fit just fine and somebody can pass by me with ease in the store, I still move around like I’m a much larger woman”, she says.

3. Your kids will lose weight, too

As the famous psychologist, Albert Bandura, claimed Kids learn by example. Tons of researches support this claim by founding that when parents lose weight, their kids do as well. Actually about 25% as much as their parents did. A study that conducted about weight loss had found that parental weight loss was the only that cause to weight loss in both a parent and a child comparing to increased exercise, tutorials, and counseling intervention.

4. You may Feel more stress

Maintaining weight loss may be an emotionally intense task. People who could maintain their weight for at least one year often can only succeed by becoming obsessive. That was claimed by The National Weight Control Registry which tracks people who have lost more than 30 pounds. They use fearing from weight gaining while continually jumping on the scale. So no wonder that can lead to depression, anxiety and high level of stress. To reduce the stress levels you should create a plan you can follow in the long term, including exercise, healthy eating and mental support from your loved ones.

5. You might look older

While losing weight are excellent for your muscles and bones it might don’t do justice to your skin. Pamela Smith Finkelman,58, who lost 50 pounds says, “After I lost weight, I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe how old my face looked”. Fat is smoothing wrinkles and literally fleshes out your face.

6. You'll need more sweaters

Your thyroid, which slows your metabolism and leaves you more sensitive to cold, may dip temporarily when you lose 10 percents of your body weight. Another reason for the chills is the insulation that shed when the fat comes off. So you better get a warm sweater and some new blankets to survive your first “thin winter” 🙂

7. You'll sleep better

Losing weight will boost your energy levels through the day. A study in the journal Sleep claims that more energy leads to more actions that will make you exhausted and cause you to sleep better. In addition, a high fiber diet founded as being connected to more restful sleep and an easier time falling asleep. As a contrast, consuming high fat and sugar levels resulted in more turning and tossing at night.

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