Scientific Tricks for Sticking to Your Fitness Habits the Easy Way

As a healthy lifestyle coach I always tell people what they need to do in order to stay in shape: what to eat, how and when to workout and which evening and morning routines they should embrace.

But the truth is that this is not really what most people need. You need a program that you can stick to for long so you can have a lifetime results!

Here are some scientifically-validated strategies for sticking to a diet or exercise program that actually works:

Don’t Resist Temptation — Avoid It

This should be your first goal- to avoid temptation from advance. If you are already an addict,  then try to be ready to resist it by changing your environment or your daily routine. (Volunteer as a designated on your next beer night with your friends).  Consider you willpower as an unlimited resource and you WILL make it.

Use Cognitive Dissonance to Build Intrinsic Motivation

Frequently remind yourself of the energy, time, and money you’ve already invested in your health to help build a stronger self-image as a healthy person.

Reduce your stress levels

Stress plays a major role in the lack of exercise, unhealthy eating, and sleep disruption. Researches proved that mindfulness meditation was effective at combating emotional eating and binge eating. Another effective way to reduce your stress is to sleep well.

Practice Remembered Enjoyment

Reflect on your enjoyment of eating healthy food and stop for a moment to remember that feeling. (You can even post it on Instagram so you can have a solid proof for that enjoyment).

Do the same thing with every healthy habit you are implementing to strengthen the subconscious conditioning in your mind. That way you ensure the repetition of those habits over and over again.

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