Natural Ways to Feel Great

Do these actions below right when you wake up to boost happy energy by 46% and to avoid joint aches and pains. Recent study discovers some proven strategies that can sharpen focus in 30 seconds- plus boost your mental energy by 67% all season long. Other European researchers say the shift to cold and damp weather causes join-pain flares for 67% of people with arthritis. 

Boost Your Brain

Stand like superwoman
Take a break to strike a superhero pose once an hour and you increase your mental stamina by 67%, report University of Connecticut researches. Simply stand tall with your hands on your hips and inhale as you lift your chin up and pull your shoulders blades back; exhale as you release the pose. Repeat for 60 seconds. The researchers say combining a chest-expending stretch with deep breathing kick-starts your brain’s production of its key energy enzyme (ATP).

Add spice to rice
Ginger, coriander, cinnamon…adding 1/2 tsp. of spice to a meal can chase away fog for two hours. For a lasting boost, spice up 1/2 cup of brown rice- making it a daily can improve your focus and sharpness by 55% in one week. Neal Barnard, M.D., author of “Power Foods for the Brain,” says that brown rice helps steady blood sugar while aromatic oils in spices spur energizing brain waves.

Chill your hands
Running your hands under cold water for just 30 seconds revs your mental energy by 46% for two hours straight. Dutch researchers report in Plos One. Just like you feel after a strong cup of coffee, but without the caffeine jitters! Study co-author Monique Dresen, Ph.D., explains that when the temperature of your extremities drops, your adrenal glands release a hormone that helps boost the flow of oxygen-rich blood to energize brain cells.

Rearrange Photos
Habituation, as called by Psychologists, is the human tending to stop seeing or pay attention to things that never move, like our plants and the family photos that decorate our walls. Say outsmarting it can banish brain fog. Indeed, British researchers say that simply changing the photo’s location so you will consider them as new cause the release of an energizing brain chemical that makes mental energy soar by 45% in 60 seconds! 

Stop Joint Aches

Rubbing on comfrey
Ahh…Rubbing sore spots with comfrey cream cuts stiffness and joint pain by 33% in the first hour- and if you use it four times daily, your pain could plunge by 94% in four days, report German researchers in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Study co-author Chris Staiger, Ph.D., says comfrey’s active ingredients reduce joint inflammation, plus calm overactive pain nerves.

Choosing orange
Pumpkin, papayas, carrots…their cheery color comes from a plant pigment (beta-cryptoxanthin) that can cut joint pain by 46% if you enjoy 1 cup daily, researchers report in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The plant pigment reduces pain-triggering hormones and strengthens joints.

Doing this stretch
Focus on one gentle stretch of your lower back and legs and Tufts University researchers say you’ll reduce the strain on hip, knee and ankle joints enough to cut pain by 45% in six weeks! To do: Sit on the floor with your legs extended (knees slightly bent) and gently lean toward your toes. Hold for 30 seconds; release. Repeat three times daily.

Knee pain? Sip this!
Drink 3 cups of ginger tea mixed with a little turmeric daily, and you could slash arthritis-related knee pain by 63%! Pros from the National Institutes of Health say turmeric blocks pain, and ginger calms inflammation.

It’s time for freedom from cravings! Cant’s resist your favorite foods? Researchers report that our most common hankerings may be a sign of nutrient deficiencies. Here’s help:

If you crave carbs…
When bread, pasta, and sugar cookies call your name, it could signal a shortfall of chromium, a trace mineral that ferries sugar into muscle cells to be burned for fuel. Many foods deliver chromium, but in very small doses- the best sources include broccoli and brewer’s yeast. To kiss carb cravings goodbye, experts advise supplementing with 200 mcg. of chromium picolinate daily. In a Duke University study, the hankering for sweets completely disappeared for half of the subjects given a chromium supplement- and all participants experienced at least a 50% drop in carb cravings within two weeks. Note: check with your doctor before starting a supplement.

If you crave salt…
It’s natural! We’re hard-wired to crave salt, even though most of us eat three times more than experts recommend. But when the body gets rid of excess sodium, it also sheds potassium and calcium, electrolyte minerals that work with sodium to balance fluid levels in our bodies, say researchers at the University of Alberta. Our brains translate the loss into salt cravings. Break this cycle by upping your electrolyte reserves with elecrolyte-rich foods and drinks like celery, cucumbers, coconut water and fresh fruit juices.

If you crave chocolate…
No surprise: Most of us do! And it’s not just because chocolate is delicious- the treat brims with magnesium, a mineral that as many as 80% of women lack, even when we take a multivitamin. Calm cravings by adding 3 cups of magnesium-rich dark leafy greens to your daily diet. Their chlorophyll and calcium help the body efficiently, and calcium helps the body efficiently absorb magnesium. Other sources: pumpkin seeds, almonds, and black beans.

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Natural Ways to Feel Great

Do these actions below right when you wake up to boost happy energy by 46% and to avoid joint aches and pains.

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