Most Common “After Eating” Habits You Must Avoid – Especially Number 3

Taking a short nap, laying down and relax are activities must of us usually do after eating. Although they all seem innocent, these habits can cause you a number of health problems.

Here are the most common AFTER eating habits to be avoided:

1. Eating Fruits

As known, fruits contain a high amount of natural sugars, fiber, and nutrients. Hence, our digestive system needs some additional time to efficiently absorb all of those good things. That’s why you should eat fruits only before your meal and wait at least 20 minutes. In case you consume fresh fruit after your meal, you might experience heartburn, burping or have acid reflux.

2. Drinking Tea

Tea is riched with tannic acid which binds the actual protein and also the iron found in foods. However, when being consumed after a meal, it decreases the iron absorption by 87%. That might cause you chilly feet & hands, weakness, chest pains, exhaustion, loss of appetite,  anemia, as well as intense tiredness and also thin skin.

3. Bath

During bath or shower, the blood circulation within our stomach gets reduced considerably what causes the digestion system becoming ineffective and triggers numerous stomach issues that can lead to more severe health problems later on.

4. Smoking

Smoking is a horrible habit and extremely dangerous for our wellness. Despite the fact that a lot of people choose and indulge to have them immediately after your meals; It is extremely harmful and might trigger ulcerative colitis, cause irritable bowel syndrome or even make things even worse.

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