What is your name?
Michal Sharvit

How old are you?  

Where are you from?  

Family Status:

Tell us about yourself:  
During my second pregnancy I gained 66 pounds and I was almost 198 pounds. After the delivery due to the breast feeding and the lack of sleep I lose 33 pounds but still looked very bad.

How much time have you struggling with your weight? 
I’m struggling with my weight all my life and was always around 139 pounds.

What is the highest weight you have ever had? and how much did you lose? 

On the 9th month of my pregnancy I was 198 pounds and I today I am 123 pounds. I was able to lose 33 pounds on the first four months after the delivery.

What is the biggest difficulty you had in your personal journey? 
The constants temptations are the hardest part, along with that point there is also the frustration that comes when you are not having any results after working so hard in the gym.

What achievement are you most proud of in your journey? 
The ability to preform and not giving up, I am now in the same weight as I was in my twenties and I look way better.

What is your favorite exercise or training?   
Strength’s training is my favorite type, I also do aerobics and running but I don’t enjoy it so much.

What is your favorite healthy meal?   
Chicken breast with baked sweet potatoes.

What is your morning routine?   
At 6:30am I’m in the gym, at 9:00am I’m at work feeling fresh and powerful.

What is your evening routine?   
If I wasn’t in the gym at the morning so I’m out for running 5 kilometers after putting the children to sleep.

What are your top 3 tips you would recommend to others?   
#1 Don’t give up even if there is no results and the progress is slow (it is a better weight loss). #2 The nutritious is very important, it is 80% of the process. #3 When you do see results it is very motivational and it totally worth it! allow yourself to “fall” sometimes, food is good for the soul.