Jerry’s Unbelievable Transformation

What is your name?
Jerry Poore Jr

How old are you?

Where are you from?
Bronx, New York

Family status:

Tell us about yourself:
I work as a paraprofessional at a high school with kids with autism. I’m all about living with purpose. I believe everyone who has life was put here on purpose for purpose! So everyday I’m trying to live the best life that I can and make the best out of this one life that I have been blessed with. Before losing weight I was not a loner or anything, in fact I had many people who I called friend but that didn’t take away from the hate that I had for myself. Although there were “friends” around who loved me, the world wasn’t so nice. Walking around made me want to hide but bring me, I still was the one big guy always or having fun, laughing. It was hard but I couldn’t let anyone live my life but me!! So I developed a way to deal with people and their ignorance. And eventually I made up in my mind I was going to finally lose some weight for me. Because I was tired of not being able to cross my legs, or tie my shoes… or how about sit next to somebody on a public bus. Better yet, fit a seat belt both car and plane!! Mann, I tell you, those minor things are some of the major things for me! Now being 200+ lbs lighter, I’m still the out going, fun, laughing, just a Lil, well a lot smaller!! And now that I am on my way to hitting my goal and more, I can no focus on my dreams and that’s doing music!! So that is just a little bit about myself.

How much time have you struggled with your weight?
Since I was a child… Years!

What is the highest weight you ever had? and how much did you lose?
470lbs and I lost 215lbs

What is your biggest difficulty you had on your personal journey?
Staying on track! Sometimes life can throw some things at you that can throw you off track. But the key is to not stay there! If you fall, get back up and try again!

What achievement are you most proud of in your journey?
When I went from the 400’s to the 300’s then from the 300’s to the 200’s and now to crush my goal and move out of the 200’s to the 100’s will be my ultimate goal and I’m almost there!!!

What is your favorite fitness exercise or training?
I like to walk the treadmill and some times the track. I also like to lift weights.

What is your favorite healthy meal?
Salads… lol I could literally eat salads all week. Some times I add things like sunflower seeds and a boiled eggs, some baked chicken breast. Yeah Boy!!

What is your morning routine?
I honestly get up with enough time to get ready for work… lol

What is your evening routine?
Once I get off I try to hit the gym because if I go home I may stay there, so I go straight after work and when I get home I prepare my meal for the night and myself for the next day and do it all over again.

What are your top 3 tips you would recommend to others?
Don’t Give Up! Be realistic and honest with yourself! And don’t go to the gym and then to the kitchen and eat everything that will work against what you just did… It’s Pointless!!

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