How Much Calories I Need to Burn a Day

Yay! 2 more pounds are gone 🙂

I screamed to myself in quite an odd way early in the morning on my weekly weigh-in alone in the bathroom.

That feeling was great, but the sense of excitement quickly changed my next round of weigh in in the upcoming week.

You probably ask yourself how is that connected to:

“How Much Calories I Need to Burn a Day”

Easy, in the bottom line, it doesn’t matter how many calories you burn, what matters is how many calories you consume.

For your body to function correctly, it consumes X amount of calories without you doing anything, and that’s great. You know it does some super essential tasks for you:

– keeps your heart beating

– making sure you are breathing

– fights terrible bugs that come into your body

– keeps your body warm

– and much more

So let’s say your body burns on “rest state” 1500 calories.

Now you need to give your body fuel, so you need to supply eat with healthy food of at least 1500 calories. If you do that, so “supposedly” you will stay in the same weight forever (let’s disregard so many other factors).

Now if we want to lose weight, we will need to make sure our body will have a shortage of calories instead of breaking even or even worse having excess calories.

Quick calculation for losing one pound of fat:

One pound of fat as scientists say 🙂 equals to 3500 calories!

That means…

If you have a deficient of 150 calories per day, you will need 23 days to lose a single pound of fat.

If you have a deficient of 500 calories per day, you will need seven days to lose a single pound of fat.

Now you are probably thinking: “ok so I’ll simply eat 1000 calories less per day.”

Well on paper that sounds like a great idea…

But, your body is not a calculator. It adapts to its situation and tries to make sure you will “survive.” So when the body notices there is an ongoing state of deficiency, it will start reducing your metabolism, keep your body temperature lower, will have fewer resources for fighting bacteria and more.

This state is not where you want your body to be in!

You may lose some weight at the start, but in the long run, you probably gain that back, and you just hurt yourself along the way.

What I would suggest you do is “intermediate fasting.”

and I’ll tell you much more about it in my next posts 🙂


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