How Jane Lost Weight With Diet Sodas

This is how my beloved tribe member Jane used diet sodas and lost over 44 lbs in the past six months. I’ll share her secret diet soda tricks that helped her achieve such great success.

But before that let me just share some basic info on sodas and diet sodas.

What are Sodas?

Sodas are mostly sweet drinks that we can easily consume and enjoy its great taste. Mostly high in sugar and very very sweet. different “Cola’s” are the perfect example.

What are Diet Sodas?

Same as “normal” sodas but with the sugars removed and with artificial sweeteners instead. Just like “diet cola”.

Calories in Diet Sodas

Well as we said above, the sugars were removed, so we don’t really have any calories inside diet sodas.But we do have other sweeteners that are not that healthy for us.

Drinking Diet Sodas and Dieting

After the above it seems like a great deal right?

Enjoy sweet and tasty drinks without the extra calories… Sounds like a bargain.

Well it may sounds good, but our bodies don’t gain fat only by the sum of excess calories we consumed. It’s much more complex and we gain weight by hormonal imbalance.

Specifically the “insulin” hormone that it’s the one that is in charge of storing the “calories” as fat. 

When we eat food, our body produces insulin so it could take care of the new calories we gave our body and that’s not a bad thing, that’s what is needed to be done.

The problem is when we have to much insulin in our body (imbalance).

So instead of having 100 insulin hormones that will store fat we now have 200 insulin hormones. That is much more fat to get stored.

So although we are not consuming any calories with diet sodas, our bodies think that we need to handle those “missing calories” and it will create the extra insulin hormones.

So if we have those extra insulin hormones they will still generate more fat in our bodies.

Jane Success With Diet Sodas

As I mentioned above, Jane came to me with low self esteems and several failed diets in the past. She loved her diet sodas and really though it helps her in her diet journey because she can drink as much as she like but with no extra calories.

It may be true but you probably know this is not how our bodies work…

First thing I told her to do is to throw away all of the diet sodas she has and STOP drinking them!

Luckily she listened and along with other tips and tricks the weight started dropping down. She felt amazing, she looked great, and the most important thing it was something for the long term and not for the next 2,3,4 months.

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