Get rid of Sugar Today!

Sugar is in almost everything we eat. It doesn’t even have to be just desert, even food you won’t suspect, like hotdogs, have sugar in it. Too much can affect our health negatively. It causes weight gain, diabetes, blood sugar problems, among others. That’s why we need to reduce it, or much preferably get rid of it. Since sugar is addictive, most people find this a colossally challenging task. It is challenging but not impossible.

Also, cutting it out is one thing but sustaining a sugar-free diet is another thing. Take baby steps and it should be doable. There are several ways in which you can do this.

1. Don’t shop for sweets!

Remove them from your grocery list! If you don’t have them in your home, then you won’t be tempted to eat them in the first place.

Now let’s say, you already have them at home.

2. Give them away!

The less you see them, the less likely you are to crave them.

If you can’t find any lucky beings to receive your blessing of candy. Follow the instructions below.

1. Make them inaccessible. Hide chocolate bars and lollipops in places where you can’t    reach them, like the highest shelf in your cupboard. Or at the top of your grandfather clock.

  1. Place your cookies in a jar that’s a pain to open. Maybe padlock it and throw away the key!
  2. Put them in strange places in your house like in the basement or broom closet, and barricade!

The thought of having to go through all this trouble just to get a sugar rush is enough to turn people off. A craving lasts ten to twenty minutes, then it passes. Find things to distract you or draw your attention away in that time frame and you should be good.

What if after a few days these tactics fail and you find a chair against the high shelves, cookie jar broken, barricade strewn aside, you stuffing your cakes and macaroons down your throat, feeling amazing and guilty at the same time?

Then it’s time to get hardcore.

  1. Dig a deep crater in your backyard and bury all the remaining sweets in there. Get rid of the shovel.
  2. Find a steadfast friend who can hide your stash and would do anything to keep you away from it. Someone who knows hiding places you don’t. Someone willing to restrain you just in case you become ravenous.
  3. Live in a cottage in the woods and bring only essentials! Think of it like a retreat to help with your soul-searching. Detoxifying yourself in the process.

All these sound a bit extreme? Well, the lesson here is practice self-control. The more you train yourself into ignoring your cravings, the easier it will be to finally make better food choices. Your body will thank you for it.

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