Don’t Turn Your Back On Pasta Just Yet – The Surprising Benefits Of Starch

New research shows that potatoes and peas may be the key to improving your health while shedding fat. Believe it or not, but not all high-carb foods are created equal. Some are rich in resistant starch which is a type of fiber, that actually promotes weight loss, plus a whole lot more. Resists starch can be found in plant foods, like beans, corn, and bread while causing a small intensive resistance in the digestion process, which prevents calories absorption.
Moreover, resistant starch carries a wide array of health benefits:

1. It Torches Fat

Studies show that a rich resistant starch diet decreases body fat. Some of the short chain fatty acids (those who didn’t stay in the colon to support gut health) travel to the liver where they prevent it from releasing sorted carbohydrates into the bloodstream enhancing the body’s fat burn for energy.

2. It Tames Hunger

Resistant starch takes longer to digest and prompts the production of certain hormones that shut off hunger and make you feel satisfied while eating less. To increase this effect, you should keep your meals balanced while combining protein with resistant starch at the same meal to feel fuller.

3. It Steadies Your Energy Levels

Foods with resistant starch providing long-lasting energy by help with slowing the rise of blood glucose levels after eating. In contrary, other carb-rich foods like chips, crackers, and cookies are quickly digested, resulting in sharp spikes in glucose in the blood that must be reduced with insulin. In the long run, keeping low levels of insulin will keep your body from wearing and tearing. The risk of type-2 diabetes becomes greater with every time the pancreas produces insulin over time.

Final Note

The preparation of these foods can have an effect on starch levels consuming. In addition, cooked and cooled versions of grains and vegetables like legumes and potatoes provide significantly more resistant starch when these foods are cooked and still warm.

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