Cliff Bello Reviews The 3 Popular Diets of 2019

Yea, I know, DIETS. Like losing weight weren’t hard enough, how the heck should you choose which diet to follow? The dash diet or the mind diet? TLC or Fertility? And what each of those means anyway? After reviewing the U.S. News and World Report’s best diets list, I notice the following facts:
1. The diets are not equally effective and some have really lame results comparing their promises.
2. Some of them required a chemist degree just to keep following.
3. If you want to have the chance to try some of them, you should start planning your bank robbery…

1. The Mind Diet

This approach includes plenty of whole foods supposedly supportive of brain function and health and sorts them to 10 categories: veggies in general, nuts, leafy greens, fish, berries, whole grains, beans, poultry, olive oil, and wine (in moderation). You should avoid foods like fried and fast food, butter, sweets, and red meat. This diet claims to prevent dementia and slow the loss of brain function that can happen with age. However, following this diet might cause you to lose some weight but its contribution to demolish Alzheimer is still questionable. Having said that it may provide false hope to people in the early stages of cognitive decline. That’s because our brains are best served by avoiding diabetes through exercise, building relationships that make us happy and of course a healthy diet.
“The diet fads of blueberries, broccoli, coffee are all nonsense,” he says. “No one eats food in isolation, and trying to disentangle associations between foods, especially when all the data is observational, is a hopeless and useless task”, says David Knopman, MD, a Mayo Clinic neurologist.

2. Weight Watchers

This points counting doesn’t really teach you the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition and might also cause obsessive thinking. The joy you had will be lost and each food will become a combination of digits. This diet focuses on refined carbs while restricting fat. However, there is a great deal with that diet which is the great support system it provides (and if you ask me, that’s the only reason it actually works for some people). Researches said that 20% of people who started Weight Watchers lost a significant amount of weight, mostly those who never missed support-group meetings. Another obstacle is that you can easily substitute poor low calories choices for healthier ones and eat a lot more eventually.

3. The Flexitarian Diet

This one is my favorite, wanna guess why? exactly, it is the closest version to plan based diet (AKA vegan). The name reveals the approach here: a flexible vegetarian which basically means that you can be a vegetarian without the “commitment” that intimidates many people. The “eat veggies” advice isn’t new in the diet world as vegetarian tend to be thinner and healthier than meat eaters. However, if you won’t do it the right way you might stay hungry most of the time. Besides focusing on consuming a large number of veggies and fruits you should also include whole grains and plants based protein sources such as lentils, chickpeas, tofu, beans almond, and spinach. When talking about sweets, this diet substitutes sugar with agave syrup, which is basically not much different than corn syrup. I would recommend to avoid that part and stay natural while eating a juicy and delicious variety of fruits as a dessert.

In conclusion, pick any diet that is applicable to you, or tries all of them. The important thing you have to do in order to have a long term success is making them a habit. Most people think that getting fit or losing weight is something with a deadline. That’s why most fail. The trick is to change your habits so that it will eventually become a lifestyle. A deadline stops. A lifestyle doesn’t. And that is the trick to achieving your goals and keeping your progress.

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