Chelsie’s Mind-Blowing Story

As you already know, Mind&Body adores successful people and believes they can change the world by inspiring others!

So I’ve been looking for champ personal trainers to share their story so you can learn about their professionalism and be inspired by their fitness tips.

And this time, Chelsie Kenyon shares her amazing story with us. She is a weight Loss Neuro Coach and has been in the fitness world on and off for 20 years 🙂 

Why did you decide to become a fitness trainer?

I decided to get involved in the health industry once I found that not only did my theories work for myself, but they actually worked consistently for other people as well. I knew I had to share it with the world!

What is your fit lifestyle routine?

I now crave natural alkaline foods and I listen to my body for when and what to eat. I incorporate moderate exercise into my routine. Like bike rides, power walking around the lake near my home, swimming, hiking, and other activities. I don’t have a set routine, I just go with the flow.

Do you have any recommended diet?

The best diet is the one that you can stick to and one that is best for your unique body 🙂 I do not believe there is one diet that is perfect for everyone.

What is your favorite workout?

Hiking in the hills!

What is your one top tip for people who want to lose weight?

Reprogram your brain. That’s where behaviour changes happen. And take it slow. A daily 1% change over time, that you stick to, is far superior to trying to jump into an extreme nutrition or exercise routine right off the bat.

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