Celeb Red Carpet’s Diet Secrets

The red carpets events and awards shows are about to begin soon. All the top celeb are coming to the red carpet coverages, wearing the latest designs by the most famous designers and tweeting glamorous behind-the-scenes tweets. 

Ever wonder how celebrities always look amazing when they show up at red carpet events? Believe it or not, like the rest of us, they are also human! They deal with stress, lack of sleep, undereye circles, wrinkles, and bloating too. The difference is that they have a team of experts that help them look their best each time they make an appearance for events. Though please remember that the goal isn’t to lose 10 pounds quickly, it just seems your best for an upcoming event.

We did our research on what these secrets are and here’s the inside scoop:

1. Avoid Sodium

Salty food causes bloating. That’s because high amounts of sodium cause water retention and prevent the body from being hydrated. Let your body relax by drinking a lot of coconut water or even go into a liquids diet the days before the event.

2. Avoid Foods that Cause Gas

Salt is not the only thing that might cause the dreaded ballooning. There are even some kinds of vegetables you better avoid to prevent that from happening, like broccoli, crawlies flower, beans, etc.

3. Stop Chewing Gum

There is a common belief that chewing gum can trick your body to think it is eating while producing the chemicals used to break down food. The truth is that high amounts of that chemical eventually cause digestion difficulties.

4. Avoid Eating Heavy Carbs

Besides the known fact that simple carbs make you fat because they contain a lot of sugar. You should also avoid it in order to keep your body hydrated. One gram of can holds onto four to five grams of water.

5. Eat Foods that Have Diuretic Properties

These foods help you get rid of excess water. Foods like asparagus and beet will help you with that. You can also drink tea to get these results.

6. Avoid Hard-Digesting Foods

Meat and chicken are hard to digest and hence should be reduced. Most of the meat today is hormones added which make the digestion harder.

7. Avoid Protein Shakes

Protein shakes have a large amount of whey and additives which can cause you bloating. The body has a hard time breaking down protein which creates a thermic effect that produces gas.

8. Get Enough Sleep

I can testify on myself that after getting extra sleeping hours I can see the difference. My under eyes areas are smoothed and plumped and my fine lines are concealed (to increase the results effectivity make sure to combine it with hydrating).

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