Alexandrea Garzaro’s Fitness Tips

As you already know, Mind&Body adores successful people and believes they can change the world by inspiring others!

So I’ve been looking for champ personal trainers to share their story so you can learn about their professionalism and be inspired by their fitness tips.

And this time, Alexandrea Garzaro shares her amazing story with us. She is in the fitness world for 10 years since she decided that she is unhappy with her body and life. 

Why did you decide to become a fitness trainer?

In 2011 I decided I was unhappy with my body and my life. I was 180+ pounds & 44% body-fat, and my family was 40k in credit card debt . I knew that if my two boys both under two were going to have a different life, I first needed to change mine. So I started my own transformation, getting down to 115lbs & 15% body fat. I documented my transformation on social media as I went through my weight loss & then to compete on the MGM in Las Vegas for my first bikini competition. Never consisting starting a business, I started to ask to help other transform their bodies the way I did. So I did. In 2014 I opened up registration for 4 spots for a 4 week program. Five years later, I have grown a 6 figure company out of my garage.

What is your fit lifestyle routine?

My optimal stare is before the sun rises. I start training for an hour at 5am, 4-6 days a week. After training I get ready for my day, followed by my daily focus journaling & breakfast. I love all forms of training & have trained in multiple styles such as; bodybuilding, powerlifting, functional & yoga. Most of my routines are a form I created call functional athletic strength training which combines all the training styles into my own collaboration of a routine.

Do you have any recommended diet?

I do not recommend a diet, I recommend understating food. I love to teach people about tracking and macro counting. I believe that if you take between 6 month shift to a year of training your food & getting disciplined, you can cultivate amazing lifelong habits. Once you feel comfortable understanding food for what it really is; carbs, proteins,fat. You can start to intuitively eat and maintain your results for life.

What is your favorite workout?

I love what I refer to as field trips. It a a 1/2 mile long walk, where every about .15 miles I stop to perform a series of exercises. All while wearing a 40 pounds weighted and some type of weight; dumbbells/kettlebells/weighted plate.

What is your one top tip for people who want to lose weight?

Start slow. Take it one day, one meal, one workout at a time.

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