3 Gadgets To Keep Health Under Control

Summer is just around the corner, and there are many who have put the batteries to be ready and look palm in summer. But beware, always exercising controlled and watching our health. Today, we bring you three essential gadgets that will become your allies when it comes to taking care of you. No Fluff Tec also explains you more about futuristic gadgets of health.

1. Bluetens Connected Physiotherapy Electro Stimulator

If you have passed with the weights or you have come up on the gym belt, do not panic. The Bluetens Electrostimulator physiotherapy is a medical device based on electro musculation technology. And you wonder what that is? Well, electrostimulation is a training technique integrated into the preparation of athletes, especially for recovery. It is taught in physiotherapy studies and is used among all professionals. In addition, it is integrated into many anti-pain protocols and has become a highly effective natural solution.

The operation is very simple: you just have to place the electrodes in the area to be treated, and you can choose between several ways: heal, strengthen, or relax that part of the body. This gadget generates an electric current that, depending on the frequency, intensity, or duration, will allow you to heal, relax, or strengthen different areas of your body. Thanks to him, at any time you can treat up to 15 through more than 150 programs in which you will work your muscles to recover from a wound, relieve pain, strengthen or tone, and even relax! All this is controlling it from your smartphone and monitoring the areas and data in each session. It is a device with medical approval, and only one hour of charging is enough to have autonomy for 15 days of use.

In the box you will find: 1 Bluetens; 1 Pack of 12 electrodes; 1 USB cable for recharging; 1 Snap cable to connect the electrodes; 1 Manual and 1 waterproof bag.

2. Prixton BC200 Bluetooth Scale

If after exercising, we complement it with a healthy diet, we will feel better inside and out. And to evaluate results, we have this smart scale. What is it, and how it works? It is a device that has the same appearance as a standard scale. You get on it and measure your weight, body mass, percentage of water, muscle and bone mass, and calories.
The really new thing is that all that data is transferred to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can keep track. We detail its most technical characteristics: maximum capacity: 180 kg; LCD screen: 73 × 34 mm; Bluetooth 4.0; Low battery or overload indicator.

3. Smart Thermometer

And although the temperatures at this time are milder, with the changes of cold – the heat of the air conditioner we run the risk of dismantling. For this, we also have a solution: the Oblumi wireless infrared smart thermometer. It connects to the 3.5 mm jack of your device and converts it into a digital infrared thermometer with multiple possibilities, such as measuring the temperature on the forehead, in the ear as well as in liquids and food.
Apart from all this, this smart thermometer calculates the medication dose, records the data, and sends and receives notifications. Therefore, the main advantage of this smart thermometer is the possibility of taking it anywhere and, thanks to its connection to the phone, to extract data and keep track of the temperature.

What do you think of these three gadgets? Isn’t it the complete package to be ready and take care of yourself? Do not think twice and stop by any of our more than 500 stores or the web and discover these and many more –> www.noflufftech.com

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