10 Foods to Avoid !

The reason why so many people fail at eating healthy and losing weight is because there’s a lot of food products out there that are marketed in a misleading, sneaky way. Names and packaging are also used to trick people into thinking that these foods are good for them. Many of us don’t even read labels and the ingredients of the products we’re consuming. To make things less complicated, we made a list of the crappy food you should absolutely avoid.

1. Low-fat yogurt

Natural yogurt contains a kind of healthy fat that adds flavor and texture to it. Some manufacturers remove this healthy fat so they can market it as 0 fat or low-fat “fitness” food. But then what do they do? Add tons of sugar to make up for lost flavor and texture. There’s nothing “fitness” about that.

2. Hot dogs

Hotdogs are made from meat trimmings, leftover fat, leftover cuttings of steaks or poultry. It also contains sodium, preservatives, binders, and fillers. All these are mechanically mixed into a slimy, icky slurry before being shaped into its recognizable shape. How in the world can that be good for you?

3. Margarine

High in trans-fatty acids that increases bad cholesterol that increases the risk of heart attack. Need we say more?

4. Ice cream

Ice cream these days aren’t even made of milk or cream anymore. These days, whey solids and partially reconstituted skimmed milk are used. To make even cheaper products, palm oil is used. Nothing creamy about that!

5. Microwave popcorn

The bag microwave popcorn comes in is bad for you. When heated it produces a substance called perfluorooctanoic (PFOA) which is a carcinogen. You’re pretty much eating cancer-corns! It’s better to just make your own using dried corn kernels, a pan, and some butter or grapeseed oil.

6. Fruit juice

Unless freshly-squeezed, real fruit. There’s nothing fruity about fruit juices sold in bottles or cans. All it is is sugar water, coloring, and flavorings. You’re better off eating the real fruit.

7. Cereal

Cereal has been marketed as the ultimate, healthy breakfast food for decades. Well, bad news for all those who grew up eating breakfast cereals. They’re actually loaded with genetically-modified grains which are processed to be refined and sugar. It’s not fit for human consumption!

8. Energy bars

Energy bars aren’t any better than regular candy or chocolate bars. And they also won’t give you any better energy than regular food. Yes, the nuts, whole seeds, fruit, and grains it contains are good for you. But all the extra sugar, saturated fat, and fillers ruin it.

9. Sugar-free candy

Just because it’s sugar-free it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Sugar substitutes can trick your body into craving more sweetness than it otherwise should, has laxative effects, can cause migraine, and as much damage to your teeth as regular sugar would.

10. Diet Soda

Like sugar-free candy, the artificial sweetener diet sodas contain is detrimental for your health. If you’re craving for the fizz, try sparkling water instead!

While indulging in a treat once in a blue moon is perfectly okay, eating whole, nutritious food most of the time is the only way to go if you want to get healthier. There are no tricks and shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle.

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